Mit Präzision in die Zukunft.

Kaiser & Waltermann represents high product and delivery quality, which is based on high process efficiency. We would like to work in a strong cooperation with our customers, live common values and achieve agreed targets. Our most important goal is to deliver products, which are suitable to the current state of the technology as well as our customers’ requests. We would like to reach this by permanent improvement in data handling and the evaluation of processed data. With this we are able to continuously optimize state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

The company’s success depends on all employees. Therefore we appreciate an open and fair communication.

Kaiser & Waltermann aims to maintain its successful development and economical independency also in future. The family business’ management, Bernhard Kaiser, Hildegard Waltermann-Koger and Melanie Bende, follows this goal in close cooperation with all employees, customers and suppliers, and in the sense of its nearly 50 years of company tradition.