Impairment of the supply chain due to Corona Virus

In the last few days we have been requested by customers to check our supply chain relating to the corona virus as well as the material supply from China/Far East.

Since the impact of the virus already relate to the entire supply chain and is not just local or branch specific, we can only provide limited informations on this.

For specific questions to leading times an pre-planning please directly consult your responsible contact partner at any time or by calling tel. +49 2393 9183 0

In cases of urgency please get in touch with our sales management at
tel. 02393 9183 14

Further informations from the Federal Ministry of Health can be found at:

New in our Portfolio

Distance bushes with a diameter of 60 mm.

Messetermine 2020

tube & wire 2020 auf den Herbst verschoben

Die Themen welche wir gern auf der tube & wire vorstellen wollten, werden wir nun in digitaler Form kommunizieren. Insbesondere Projektthemen müssen vorerst digital kommuniziert werden, da viele Unternehmen die Reisetätigkeit eingestellt haben.

In diesem Jahr wollen wir neben der tube & wire auch auf der fastener fair in Paris (28.-29.05.2020) sowie auf der IZB in Wolfsburg (06.-08.10.2020) ausstellen. Ob und in welchem Rahmen diese Messen stattfinden ist aktuell noch unklar.

Wenn Sie sich für unseren Newsletter anmelden, halten wir Sie gerne über die aktuelle Entwicklung auf dem Laufenden.

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Spring pins


Spring pins according DIN EN ISO 8752, respectively DIN EN ISO 13337 are cost-efficient produced out of steel and stainless steel are welcome alternatives to our high precise distance bushes.

The benefits are clear, because of the chamfer there are no sharp edges, they adapt easily to holes, withstand high shear forces and can get easily assimilated.

Our product range from 1,5 x 4 mm – 16 – 160 mm include a wide range of typical dimensions and of course, if you have anything outside of the norm, please don´t hesitate to put us to the test!

For your enquiry please choose following description: Spring pins according ISO 8752 or ISO 13337 – diameter x length – material – additional requirements.



Your contact: Michaela Kordes
Tel. +49 2393 9183 39